Swachhagraha school / college campus is not just visually clean but has systems in place with involvement of all stakeholders to minimize creation of 'Garbage'. The responsibility of Creating the Culture of Cleanliness' is a shared responsibility, not just a job of the sanitation worker.

A Swachhagraha school / college engages stakeholders in the context of the institution through action projects by students that provide experiential learning. This lays the foundation for sustained effort by extending the boundary of education from information to experience.

Swachhagraha Prerak is a key mentor and motivator of the programme who supports and guides students in developing the qualities that will make them a Swachhagrahi. The Prerak shall engage the Swachhagrahi in action, and promote development of knowledge, skills and values through curricular and co-curricular opportunities. She/He is a role model who demonstrates her/his commitment towards adopting a sustainable environment and values, attitudes and behaviour that reflect the same.

The Prerak shall lead the whole school-all students, teaching and non teaching staff, and parents in transforming the school into a Swachhagraha campus.

Swachhagrahi is a student who has the knowledge, awareness, commitment, and potential to meet the challenges of 'Swachhata' to create a culture of cleanliness. In this endeavor a Swachhagrahi shall create a sense of responsibility amongst people in his/her sphere of influence through patience and compassion.

A Swachhagrahi demonstrates environmental leadership qualities through positive change in behavior and action at individual, school, family and community levels. Thus every Swachhagrahi becomes a change agent for a Swachh Bharat.

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