Swachhagraha Ke Reporters

Swachhagraha intends to build a culture of cleanliness where citizens take up the responsibility of cleanliness around them as their own. #SwachhagrahaKeReporters video contest is an initiative to raise a question, Cleanliness - Whose responsibility? Shoot a one minute video asking this question to any 3-5 people around you, analyze and conclude with your opinion as a reporter.


You have enrolled as a Swachhagrahi on Swachhagraha website - You are an Indian student - You have submitted the high resolution video - One entry per school


  • Register as Swachhagrahi by clicking on the Join Us tab
  • The video should be minimum of 30 seconds and maximum of 1.5 minutes
  • The video should be sent through email or WhatsApp
  • Minimum 3 to 5 people should be asked the question: Cleanliness, Whose Responsibility?
  • All the voices should be clear and loud in the video
  • 10 videos with maximum likes on Swachhagraha Facebook page will be the winners
  • The jury will also focus on the content of the video. The concluding message given by the reporter should be creative. This will also be a part of the jury for deciding the winners.

For details contact us on: +91 79 26844821 or Whatsapp no. 8460737656

Winners of this Competition

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