Dr. Priti G. Adani - Chairperson, Adani Foundation

Since time immemorial, Cleanliness and Sanitation has been one of the biggest concerns of our country. Roping in this concern, the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhiji had passionately taken up the cause and worked towards it. In order to fulfilthe "Clean India" vision of Mahatma Gandhi, our respected PM, Shri Narendra Modi rolled out the ambitious Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) in 2014, seeking participation of all citizens.

It is certainly undeniable that the movement has gathered momentum with the participation of masses, organizations and various corporates wielding broom on the streets. However, we as Adani Foundation having worked towards sanitation strongly feel that the crucial challenge revolves around the change of behaviour and people's notions towards sanitation. Hence, the Foundation apart from providing facilities, has worked tremendously on changing the mind-set and behaviour of the people towards sanitation & cleanliness.

Giving a further thrust to this momentum of our interventions towards cleanliness, we have aligned ourselves with SBM and ideated a nation-wide campaign "Swachhagraha". Swachhagraha is inspiredbythe first and largest mass movement - "Satyagraha". Like Satyagraha, we intend to make Swachhagraha, a movement of the people, by the people and for the people. The initiative envisions integrating the future generation of the nation and helps them become the change agents for creating a culture of cleanliness in the entire nation. 

I personally feel theClean India fire kindled by our Hon'ble PM must remain lit forever in the heart of every Indian. Let's blur the boundaries and make our public places as spic & span as our households, because the entire nation is our home and it is our responsibility to keep its backyards, hygienic and sanitized. 

After all, a Nation's cleanliness is its Nationals' pride. 

Jai Hind!