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Journey of Swachhagraha started with ideation brainstorming session on pondering over how to contribute towards Swachh Bharat Mission in a meaningful and sustainable manner. As explained above, Swachhagraha term and concept was developed. In the next phase the concept and its acceptance was amongst schools and students were gauged through pilots in over 12-15 schools of Ahmedabad with various competitions like creating Slogans/Jingle, Poems, drawing and Best out of Waste activities on the concept. Over 3000 school children from various strata of schools participated. The concept of Swachhagraha was received really well school management and students.

Encouraged by wide spread positive response and success in Gujarat during 2016-17, project has been expanded to 16 more states nationwide in 2017-18 with target of nearly 3000 Swachhagraha schools and added component of Youth Intervention in Gujarat.

Highlighting the need for anti-littering attitude and behaviour, almost 3,000 schools across 17 states with more than 3000 Swachhagraha Preraks and over 50,500 active Swachhagrahis, the Foundation reaches out to 1,00,000 students every month. Uptil now, the total campaign outreach is more than 35,00,000 people.