Smt. Shilin Adani - Trustee, Adani Foundation

Our Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has committed for a cause and initiated 'Clean India Movement' focusing on our personal commitment for a public/societal hygiene. We at Adani Foundation not only align with his views but fathom the gravity of the issue of public hygiene as the evil force in our journey of being a developed country. 

Taking a step forward and contributing towards nation building, we, as Adani Act, have initiated "Swachhagraha", which aims to fight against the litterbug amongst us. Swachhagarha is a concept derived from the word Satyagraha with the same fervour of unifying the whole country and making the Clean India movement a War Cry for all of us. The whole movement has been designed with an aim to make cleanliness a culture to be transpired to all, by none other than the future generation of our country. The movement, thus, intends to nurture and encourage young minds for a behavioural change to ensure a public/mass reform and bring a cultural shift to accomplish the process called 'Clean India'.

For us, Swachhagraha is not a project with a deadline, but a continuous process that talks making a clean & developed India by owning the space on a whole rather than talking about my space and others' space. As our Hon'ble PM Shri Narendra Modi says, patriotism does not have to confine to fighting for a country with guns and rifles but, it is to fight against the evils that is eating away our country. 

Let us unify to fight against this evil called dirt and change the face of India. 

We, look forward to your willingness to participate in 'Swachhagraha' and contribute your bit towards a Clean and Developed India.