Vision : Swachhagraha is a movement to create a culture of cleanliness

Mission : Imbibe the value of cleanliness to catalyse action to demonstrate behavioural change


  • Encourage individuals to inculcate the habit of cleanliness and create a sense of ownership for public spaces.
  • Empower an active group of teachers who motivate students to be 'Swachhagrahi'.
  • Create and provide educational materials to strengthen the culture of cleanliness in school and take it beyond the boundaries of schools, homes and community at large.
  • Identify motivated youth as 'Swachhagrahi', who will be encouraged to act and inspire others.

As Satyagraha united people from all walks of life to fight against common evil, it is need of an hour that we all unite to fight against the menace of Gandagi through Swachhagraha movement.